Laura Scott-Wise Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Laura Scott-Wise Massage Therapy 

"I believe there's something significant about people taking care of their health both physically and mentally. I continually study anatomy, and enjoy the challenge of discovering and addressing chronic muscular issues of the body." 


Laura received her education from Lancaster School of Massage in 2005.  Laura's focus is deep tissue therapy, specifically using the modalities of neuromuscular therapy and connective tissue therapy.  She is also trained in other modalities and is continually studying kinesiology, anatomy, and new techniques to add to her abilities.

Laura also received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Liberty University in 1999.  She studied human services, child and adolescent services, and test and measurements.  She spent ten years of her career working with children and adolescents in a psychiatric care facility. 

License number: MSG003750